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I’m a bit shocked about how much I used to blog when I was a KDE contributor.
I lost myself in my previous blog this morning, it’s damn full of words. I was rather confident about what I was doing, that’s pretty cool. Anyway lots of events in my life brought me to stop contributing to KDE (I’m really sad about that, I apologize) and to stop blogging also.
Not that I haven’t had anything to blog about, but I’ve never had time (or will) to start a new blog from scratch. I didn’t feel like keeping the old blog. I feel it somewhat complete and it represents a specific part of my life I’m pretty happy about. So I just want to keep it as it is now.

Now, enough for the nostalgia. I’m still not really sure what I’m going to blog about here. It’s been busy years and I learnt a lot about software engineering. I love software engineering and I hope to share my experiences and have feedback from you.

OK, this is enough as first post (really?), so let’s stick with it.

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