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I am Alessandro Diaferia, a software products technologist with over 12 years experience in software engineering, both in professional and open source contexts.

As a technology leader I’m focused on facilitating fast flow to production and tight feedback loops. I am convinced that collaboration and continuous validation is the only way to build products that delight users and generate value for the business. I am not a fan of technology organizations that exclusively follow their gut feeling, that segregate themselves to build huge amount of functionality and eventually come out with big bang releases months later. I favour approaches that invest in metrics and data-driven decision making, and teams that don’t fall enamoured with their assumptions but, rather, are agile and ready to pivot as the conditions of the environment change around them.

As a seasoned software engineer I believe in cross-functional autonomous teams that have all the capabilities to take care of the whole value stream: from product ideation, through implementation, up to running the software in production and collecting feedback to validate the originating assumptions. I strongly believe that keeping fast flow and early validation as the North Star tenets for the engineering organization will help make the right technological decisions for the business.

My experience as a hands-on software engineer and the breadth of technologies I have been lucky to have worked with over the years is the key that allows me to flexibly adapt to a multitude of engineering contexts. My focus on engineering productivity and team happiness drives my continuous improvement efforts: I constantly experiment with new ways to eliminate toil so that the people in the team can focus on building great software.

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