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  • Email development with React and Webpack

    Email development with React and Webpack

    Reading Time: 5 minutes Email development is often an overlooked practice due to the peculiarities and constraints that most email clients impose. If you want to deliver a delightful user experience to your product you have to maintain its design consistent across all the media it is consumed from. An email is one way your product might be consumed […]

  • Technical debt kills your company

    Technical debt kills your company

    Reading Time: 9 minutes The early days of a startup are often a chaotic mix of excitement, rush and fear. Software-enabled startups are learning about their product as they iterate with their first customers. This leads to frequent and unplanned changes that will help rapidly evolve their product to fit the market they’re trying to disrupt. Nevertheless, the decisions […]

  • Autocomplete engine in Go: let’s build it

    Autocomplete engine in Go: let’s build it

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Some time ago I worked on a small autocomplete web service for fun and curiosity. Part of it consists pretty much of what I’m going to talk about in this post. We’re gonna build a small completion suggester in Go. A couple of assumptions I’ll have for this experiment are: we don’t care about sub-word […]

  • Gogoa – Cocoa bindings for Go

    Reading Time: 2 minutes I don’t actually know why but I was wondering how easy it is to integrate Cocoa with Go. Well [SPOILER] looks like it’s super easy! The first comfortable piece I encountered, actually, was Go 1.3 changelog where it states: Finally, the go command now supports packages that import Objective-C files (suffixed .m) through cgo. Since I’m now with […]

  • A native iOS app with a Qt third-party library

    Reading Time: 4 minutes I’m wrapping up here pieces of information that I used to setup a working native iOS project taking advantage of a library I wrote mainly using Qt. The library I wrote has nothing to do with GUI, it just helps me dealing with connectivity, REST API interaction, file system access, compression… Also, the library was […]

  • Workaround Windows Tray Area Item Preference

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction I’m not an experienced Windows developer. I had to make it clear 🙂 Today I had the chance to implement kind of a nasty hack on Windows. I had to make my application tray icon always visibile, at least by default. I swear I honor user preference then. I know this is one of […]