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  • Embracing genuine deadlines as software engineers

    Embracing genuine deadlines as software engineers

    Reading Time: 11 minutes Genuine deadlines are there to help the organization seize an opportunity. Let’s explore how they impact engineering organization and how not to antagonize them.

  • The Mythical DevOps Engineer

    The Mythical DevOps Engineer

    Reading Time: 8 minutes I’m always a little suspicious of job specs looking for the so-called DevOps Engineer role. They often mention a vast variety of duties and responsibilities. Are they hiring for a single role or a whole team? Roles having DevOps in their title hardly share the same meaning. They often have something in common, though. They […]

  • Testing LiveData on Android

    Testing LiveData on Android

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Testing LiveData represents an interesting challenge due to the peculiarities of its technology and the way it eases development for your Android app. I’ve recently started to build an Android app to keep motivated on my journey to learn Kotlin. My most recent experience has been with Architecture Components and this brief blog post, in […]