How I setup my continuous deployment pipeline for free

Reading Time: 4 minutes Continuous deployment is a key capability that every company should invest in to keep up with the increasingly changing demands of the market. Let’s explore how to build a simple continuous deployment pipeline for free.

Testing LiveData on Android

Reading Time: 3 minutes Testing LiveData represents an interesting challenge due to the peculiarities of its technology and the way it eases development for your Android app. I’ve recently started to build an Android app to keep motivated on my journey to learn Kotlin. My most recent experience has been with Architecture Components and this brief blog post, in Testing LiveData on Android

Technical debt kills your company

tech debt card

Reading Time: 9 minutes The early days of a startup are often a chaotic mix of excitement, rush and fear. Software-enabled startups are learning about their product as they iterate with their first customers. This leads to frequent and unplanned changes that will help rapidly evolve their product to fit the market they’re trying to disrupt. Nevertheless, the decisions Technical debt kills your company

Gogoa – Cocoa bindings for Go

Reading Time: 2 minutes I don’t actually know why but I was wondering how easy it is to integrate Cocoa with Go. Well [SPOILER] looks like it’s super easy! The first comfortable piece I encountered, actually, was Go 1.3 changelog where it states: Finally, the go command now supports packages that import Objective-C files (suffixed .m) through cgo. Since I’m now with Gogoa – Cocoa bindings for Go